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Trotwood-Madison High School

Ms. Farrar - 2nd Book Release

Celebrating Our Very Own

Ms. Ivana Farrar
English 11

1st Book Titled - "Stop Phoenix"
2nd Book Titled - "Hey Young Girl"

Congratulations and Keep Reaching for the Stars!!

Class of 2022

Class of 2022

May 24, 2022
7:00 p.m.

University of Dayton

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Calamity Protocol

Please read our Calamity Protocol for information on how Trotwood-Madison City Schools operates when there are weather alerts.

Contact Information

Nelson Stone
Office: 937-854-0878 x 2004
Courtney Blake
High School Assistant Principal
Brittney Foster
High School Assistant Principal
Anita Skipper
Accounts Payable Specialist
Office: 937-854-3050 x 1135
Lyndie Conner
District Lead Counselor
Office: 937-854-0878 x 2032
Heather Brock
Counselor A - F
Office: 937-854-0878 x 2010
Sharon Jones
Counselor He- Ri
Office: 937-854-0878 x 2011
Mya Hague
Counselor G-Ha, Ro-Z
Office: 937-854-3050 x 2307